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The Viktualienmarkt

It is much pricier than supermarkets, but all the food’s in season, customers get to taste before they buy, and you can haggle and swap recipes in the process. Green markets can be found everywhere but the flair of this market is awe-inspiring, at least to gourmets and food conoisseurs. The name is derived from Latin Victualia, victuals. 

But to ensure you experience the real thing, make sure before you buy that you know the difference between Germany´s most renowned green market and an ordinary street market. Needless to say that Germany´s most popular TV chefs are often seen to buy their foodstuff there, but they shop early to avoid the masses...
The modern Viktualienmarkt is now a favorite with gourmets. The popular and lively market boasts 140 shops and stalls that offer flowers and plants, vegetables, exotic fruit, venison and poultry, eggs, butter, honey, fish, meat and sausages.

Small part of the market

The market also hosts a number of traditional and folkloric events such as weighing celebrities, brewers’ day, gardeners’ day, opening of the white asparagus ( the world´s best from the Schrobenhausen area ) season, summer festival, dance of the market women on Shrove Tuesday etc. Hence the Viktualienmarkt, which has been a pedestrian zone since November 6, 1975 is also a meeting point and a place to chill.
Near the Viktualienmarkt

The market has grown considerably in size since it was built in 1807, now occupying 22,000 square meters.



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