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Similar to the hotel rates, in Germany the price level for food and drinks in restaurants and bars is comparatively low. According to an European study of CHD Expert Group, the average ticket in full service restaurants in Germany is 14.50 Euro – 40 percent below the price level in UK. In the british restaurants the guest has to pay 23.60 Euro in average. For the study, the international market research group interviewed thousands of restaurants, bars and bistros in each country: UK, France, Spain and German

Rolf W. Schmidt, Vice President Marketing & Sales EMEA of CHD Expert Group, comments: “The enormous differences between the average tickets in the Western European countries shows that the dining culture is pronounced highly variable and obviously in UK and France more menus are being ordered.” In France the average ticket is 22.00 Euro – and in Spain 18.10 Euro.

Nice Park

In the last three years, the price levels in European restaurants increased strongly. In 2005 the average ticket in Germany was 11.70 Euro, in Spain 15.00 Euro and in France 18.50 Euro. “We noticed higher cost levels for F&B support and for operational costs, e.g. for energy,” reports Rolf W. Schmidt. On the other hand the Away-from-home Market in Europe showed an accelerated growth, e.g. the average ticket in hotel restaurants in France rose to 26 Euro, nearly 20 percent more than in individual full service restaurants..


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